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PogoStore retails Road Angel in-car technology devices including speed camera detectors Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe, the new accident camera the Road Angel Halo, and the Biketrac motorcycle tracking device.

We also sell accessories for the Road Angel range, and accessories for the discontinued Pogo and Origin detectors, namely the Pogo Alert+, Pogo Drive, Origin b2 and b2 Solo. Many of the accessories for the older Origin product have now been discontinued but some are still available and are in stock.

Pogo brand acquired by Road Angel

The Pogo brand was acquired by Road Angel Group in 2012 and all products are subsequently now manufactured by Road Angel Group based at Silverstone in Northamptonshire.

Road Angel themselves have been in the GPS speed camera detector market since the early 2000's, with a large range of speed trap detectors over the years.

The latest speed camera locator from Road Angel is the Road Angel Gem+, the detector features both GPS and GPRS technology so that it updates itself as you are driving. There is also a built-in laser detector for alerts to mobile speed cameras.

Compare Road Angel's latest device the Gem Plus with the Pogo Alert Plus here.

Road Angel brand acquired by In Phase

Road Angel Group products including the Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe were acquired by In Phase International Ltd in November 2016. Neither the Pogo or Origin brands were acquired by In Phase. Since the buy out Road Angel Group who are no more, are no longer supporting the Pogo product/database.

Who is PogoStore.co.uk?

PogoStore is a trading subsidiary of Active Alliance Limited. VAT number GB 834 2222 57 and company number 05200677. PogoStore / Active Alliance Limited is an authorised reseller of the Pogo and Origin products and accessories.

Disclaimer: The PogoStore.co.uk domain name: http://www.pogostore.co.uk was previously owned by another company from 30th November 2006 - 30th November 2012, when the registration expired.

Active Alliance Limited have been the domain name owner since 16th January 2014. If you purchased from this domain name prior to 2014 please note that we have absolutely no connection with the previous owner and we are NOT liable for any warranties or guarantees that you may have - your contract will be with the original retailer.

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