About Origin Technologies

Origin Technologies Limited was founded in 2000 by entrepreneur Tim Rock, who saw the need for an affordable and accurate way of alerting drivers to the increasing number of speed cameras on UK roads. He was also involved in commissioning widely quoted research by MORI into driver's attitudes about speed limits and speed trap detectors in order to back up a report to the government.

The company launched their first GPS camera locator, the Origin blue i, at the Scottish Motor Show in November 2001 and it went on sale in December 2001. This product won several awards including a 5* rating in Auto Express, the UK's best weekly car magazine.

Origin's second product release was the highly regarded Origin b2 speed camera locator. This multi-award winning product won a 5* rating in Auto Express, together with the highly coveted “Best Buy” accreditation.

The b2 was closely followed by the b2 Solo - the difference? The b2 solo model featured a integrated GPS antenna (Origin b2 used an external GPS antenna) built into the dash mounted cradle. The result was the b2 solo product was designed with an easier and plug-and-play installation in mind, rather than a hard wire installation.

Origin Technologies rebrand as Pogo

In March of 2007, Origin Technologies Ltd re-branded as Pogo. The change of brand name and the new bolder, consumer-friendly corporate identity reflects the company's intention to become a leader in global GPS market.

Two products were released under the new Pogo brand these were:

Pogo Drive - a sat nav with 3.5-inch touchscreen display with naturally a speed camera warnings and a the option to drive with a screen displaying exclusively alerts to speed camera locations within the Origin 360 camera database. The Pogo Drive could be dash or windscreen mounted.

Pogo Alert - the Pogo Alert was back to what Origin were better known for - making market leading speed camera detectors. This time though the device was even better than the previous models. The Pogo Alert featured a full colour screen, plus all the information drivers on the screen that drivers have come to expect from Origin's previous devices.

Pogo brand acquired by Road Angel

In September 2012 Road Angel Group (based at the Silverstone race circuit in Northamptonshire) announced that they had "acquired certain assets and licences including the Pogo brand, from Origin Technologies Ltd".

Writing at the time Road Angel CEO, Mark Thickbroom said "The acquisition of RoadPilot and licences obtained from Origin Technologies perfectly complement our existing portfolio, and will help us achieve our long term goal of becoming the provider of choice in relation to safety camera and blackspot information – both in the UK and abroad".

To read the press release in full click here.

Road Angel themselves have been in the GPS speed camera detector market since the early 2000's, with a large range of speed trap detectors over the years.

Road Angel brand acquired by In Phase

Road Angel Group products including the Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe were acquired by In Phase International Ltd in November 2016. Neither the Pogo or Origin brands were acquired by In Phase. Since the buy out Road Angel Group who are no more, are no longer supporting the Pogo product/database.

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